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In this difficult real estate market, we constantly have to ask ourselves, how can I get more money from the sell of my home?  Do I spend money getting my home painted for thousands of dollars?  Do I update the kitchen or bathrooms for tens of thousands of dollars?  Maybe, but what if there was another way to increase the value of your home and make it sell faster, not break your budget and dollar for dollar, get you a better return on your investment? 

With a Home Energy Consultation and HERS Rating from Evergreen Energy Services we can evaluate your home and correct most if not all of the simple problems such as infiltration by sealing the leaks around your home.  Once we have corrected these problems your Home Energy Rating will increase giving you a selling point on your home that the competition doesn't have.  The rating will let your potential buyers know that they are going to spend less each month on energy bills with your home than on the house down the street, therefore giving you the advantage!

Who doesn't want a more energy efficient home in this economy!
Are you purchasing a home?  CONGRATULATIONS!  Buying a home is the largest investment you will most likely ever make.  You want to make sure it is a sound investment right?   That is why most people who are purchasing a home invest in a home inspection to make sure everything is in order with the homes structural, mechanical, plumbing, roofing, and electric components.  What they don't tell you in a home inspection is how efficient your home is, how much your energy bill could be each month, how much energy you are loosing through windows, doors, can lights and wall penetrations, or how you can affordable fix these issues and save money on your monthly energy bill. 
When you have your home inspected, consider getting an energy audit too.  In doing so, you cover all your bases and you will know that you are getting the best investment for your money.

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