With all the new building codes and restrictions becoming more strict by the year, houses have become sealed so tight that combustion gases from gas appliances cannot be properly vented.  When this occurs, these combustion gases (in the form of Carbon Monoxide) leaches into the home becoming unhealthy, even deadly.  An energy audit from Evergreen Energy Services can test the home for proper ventilation and ensure you are selling a safe energy efficient home.

New Construction Safety Testing and HERS Rating
Make sure the home you build is safe!
In an economy that grows more and more difficult by the month to sell a home, a new one, has become a challenge.  Not just for the time on the market factor but the amount of profit as well.  With a HERS rating from Evergreen Energy Services you can attract more costumers to your homes and put a little more money in your pocket by letting your costumers know that your homes are energy efficient, comfortable and safe.
Get a HERS Energy Performance Score!
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